Theo Costantino

Theo Costantino is a queer non-binary artist based on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja / Perth, and Executive Director of ART ON THE MOVE. Their practice includes drawing, sculpture, video, photography, written works and performance. They have exhibited and undertaken residency projects within Australia, Europe, the UK and USA both in a solo capacity and collaboratively. Broadly, Theo’s work investigates the representation and memorialisation of the past: the use and abuse of history, the continuing influence of the past on the present, and the ways in which repressed or forgotten material can resurface in daily experience.

Theo holds a PhD from Curtin University and degrees in Fine Art and Literary Studies. Their work is held in collections including the Art Gallery of South Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia, The Cruthers Collection, Murdoch University and John Curtin Gallery.

Theo writes fiction in a range of forms; their short story ‘Meniscus’ was published in Global Dystopias by The Boston Review, edited by Junot Díaz in 2017. Their critical writing includes the book chapter & Ruination and Recollection: Plumbing the Colonial Archive’ in Visual Arts Practice and Affect: Place, Materiality, and Embodied Knowing, edited by Ann Schilo for Rowman & Littlefield in 2016.

Pronouns: ‘they’ in formal / official contexts. ‘She’ is fine in informal / familiar contexts.

Date: February 17, 2021
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