Bruno Booth

Booth is a disabled artist living in Fremantle, WA. His recent work uses participation and large sculptural forms to create experiential works that challenge the able bodied to navigate a world that is uncomfortable by design. His constructed experiences poke fun at the assumptions many people have surrounding disability and yet they also leave lasting impressions that engender a deeper response from the audience.

He was a resident at Fremantle Arts Centre (2019), Testing Grounds, Melbourne (VIC) (2019), PICA (2017) and North Metropolitan TAFE (2017).

He’s exhibited at the Joondalup Prize (WA) 2019, Firstdraft (NSW) 2019, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (NSW) 2020 and PICA (WA) 2020, The Joondalup Invitation art Prize (WA) 2021, Art Gallery of Western Australia (WA) 2021 and the Fremantle Biennale (WA) 2021.

He was selected for NextWave 2020 (NextWave X artist), PICA Salon 2020, FinePrint Journal (SA) 2020 and Proximity Festival (NAT) 2020 Booth is working on shows for PICA (WA) 2022, Goolugatup/Heathcoate (WA) 2022, Seventh Galleries (VIC) 2022, and The University of Tasmania (TAS) 2023

Date: March 25, 2022
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