Eva Fernandez

Eva Fernandez was born in Toronto, Canada and lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. Fernandez is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Arts) at Edith Cowan University. She has been a practicing artist for over two decades, working across photography and various other mediums.

Fernandez’s practice is concerned with the exploration and negotiation of the space which she inhabits in context to its complex history and cultural legacy of colonialism and imperialism. As an immigrant, Fernandez’s art is deeply informed by dislocation from her parental culture as a consequence of the Spanish Civil War. Her current research examines her pluralistic identity in context to contemporary issues of global displacement, specifically Spanish Diaspora in the 20th century.

Fernandez’s practice includes construction of complex installations of symbolically laden objects, creating contemporary still-life’s and portraits, referencing art and history, in order to subtly critique ideologies of the past and present. Drawing on fragmented histories, her work embodies the traces, voices and memories from the past that are blended and embedded in art and history to unearth narratives in order to evoke fragments of a shattered, emotional and forgotten past.

Fernandez has had several solo exhibitions and been invited to exhibit her work nationally and internationally. Her work is represented in numerous institutional and private collections. 

https://www.evafernandez.com.au/ @evafernandezartist

Date: June 15, 2020
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