Bjoern Rainer Adamson

Bjoern Rainer-Adamson is a German-born, West Australian Artist. 

Rainer-Adamson spent his formative years in rural Bavaria, a region renowned as a world leader in the auto and aircraft manufacturing industry. This bedrock appreciation for fine engineering led to an interest in developing works that subvert existing technologies to their most absurd and abstracted ends. Rainer-Adamson interrogates in a global context our desire as a species to innovate, where the correlation between accelerated growth and technological advancement obscures the slipping of control to the hands of machines.

Through the methodical deconstruction of nostalgic analogue components; record players, mechanical calculators; Rainer-Adamson assembles kinetic sculptures built to take on a life of their own.

Winner of the  John Stringer Prize 2019 at the John Curtin Gallery in Perth. Selected by Perth Collectors Club.

In 2018 he was selected for the HERE & NOW exhibition at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery curated by Anna Louise Richardson;  a contemporary engagement with the iconoclastic legacy of Marcel Duchamp.

In 2018 he was also awarded a commission for the public artwork `IMACHINATION` granted by the new School of Early Learning in North Perth.

Image: ‘Protozoon’, part of the winning artworks by Bjoern Rainer Adamson courtesy of the artist.

Date: June 15, 2020
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