Lea Taylor

Lea Taylor is a Perth born Aboriginal Artist who’s cultural connections are to the Wadandi Menang clan groups of the South West of Western Australia.

Lea is pushing boundaries and honouring a traditional Aboriginal craft in her contemporary weaving and mixed media exploration. With a gentle but strong confidence Lea has learnt the traditional techniques of cultural weaving. From this platform she has respectfully moved into the fine art realm of exploration in both cultural story and artistic discovery.

Lea’s work comes from a firm cultural base, a strong connection to country and story through the use of bones, feathers, wood, natural dyes and fibres; defining a new whilst incorporating old story in her forms. Lea takes us on a journey reminiscent of the past with her exploration of decorative, spirituality important and practical objects.

Lea’s work has been likened to Master Weaves, Yvonne Koolmatrie and Judy Watson through her skill, range of exploration and playful improvisations.

Lea has exhibited in several group exhibitions and presented her first solo exhibition in 2020 at the Kent Street Gallery. She was awarded the Perth NAIDOC Award Artist of the Year 2020 Runner-up and was the overall winner at the inaugural Art of Wellbeing Exhibition in 2018.

Date: February 17, 2021
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